Use Your iPhone or iPod Touch as a Document Scanner

Gone are those days when scanning was done with the help of a big, space consuming device. With the introduction of portable scanners, people no longer prefer to have such a big scanner that consumes a lot of space for scanning. Moreover, the traditional approach of scanning has always been a cumbersome procedure irrespective of whether you have a modern or old scanner. Further, you need to be present at its location for initiating the scanning process for each document.

To overcome these cons, portable scanners were introduced. In order to use a portable scanner, all you need to do is to attach it to your laptop. However, even this way of scanning can be quite burdensome if you are traveling. So, is there a lightweight solution for this? The answer is ‘YES’! Want to know about it? Well, continue reading!

The Problem Statement

Let us consider a scenario wherein you are a busy traveler who keeps on traveling quite often for office work. Since you travel so frequently, it is clear that you spend considerably. Now, one of the main tasks for you is to keep the receipts safely so that you can later collate them to prepare the outlay reports. However, maintaining the hard copies is not easy, as chances are high that one of them might get lost. So, you want to backup all your receipts for preparing cost outflow reports.

This Is When An iOS Device Comes At Your Rescue

The solution to the above problem exists if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone with a camera that can scan your receipts in just a few seconds. However, your iPod Touch or iPhone must be of 4th Generation and must have iOS 4 or later along with the Genius Scan app. It is this free app that converts your iOS device into a scanner.

Considering the above scenario in mind, it is really not feasible to keep on accumulating several receipts. So, if you have any of the two iOS devices, Genius Scan can make it run as a convenient scanner for making a soft copy of any hard copy at anytime and from anywhere. All you need to do is to install the app, take a quick shot, customize or edit it, and save or email it.

Obtaining The Genius Scan App

First, you need to download and install this app, which is available for free at App Store on your device. Alternatively, you can also download it from

After installing, open the Genius Scan app for viewing your library.

Taking The Shot And Customizing It

Second, open your Documents screen and select the From camera option after which you have to concentrate on the document to be scanned by hitting the camera button.

Doing so will start the scanning process, which will end in just a few seconds. Third, once your document is scanned, you can explore some options for processing it, which are None, Black and White Document, and Color Document.

The option names itself are quite self-explanatory. Further, you can even crop the scanned document so that the desired portion gets a clear focus.

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Saving The Scanned Document

Fourth, you can save the scanned item on your device itself. Alternatively, you can even email it from the iOS device.

However, if the connection is not there, it is best to save it on your device. Later, when the connection resumes, you can simply email it.