Use Your iPhone Or iPod Touch as a Remote Control for VLC

How nice it would be if it were possible to use the iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote control? If you admire VLC, then it would be possible for you to do so. However, do not worry. In this age of technology, impossible is nothing. There are apps at your disposal if you indeed want to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a Remote Control for VLC.

VLC Remco

From the house of HexBeerium stands the VLC Remco. It is a free app and does a good job. The app is a cross platform and is capable of working on Linux, Mac and of course on Windows. You can install the app from the iTunes App Store or even from your device.

vlc remco

The Installation and Launching Scenario

Once you install and launch the app, it automatically starts the scanning of your entire network of computers. It shows up two things- computers have VLC installed and which ones are actually running the application. It may not always detect computers running the VLC.

vlc remco detecting

Finding the VLC App

If the app does not pick up the computers automatically, you will have to find it manually. Here are the steps to do the same.

Open VLC. Then go to Tools -->Preferences (You can open ‘Preferences’ by pressing CTRL+P in unison.)

vlc remco settings

When the ‘Preferences’ dialog box opens, to the bottom, there is the option of ‘Show settings’. Select ‘All’. You will see some tabs arranged vertically to the left hand side. Find Interface à Main interfaces. Thereafter, check the box ‘HTTP remote control interface’. Save changes and restart VLC.

remco preferences

If you have had any problems detecting the computers earlier, you should be able to see them now. Wherever the VLC is running, it will show up instantly. If there is a Firewall, you may need to allow the access to your device.

When done, tap the computer you want to connect to with your remote control VLC and browse through the available files.

accessing vlc on computer through iphone

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VLC Remote Free

If you are not happy with the above app, as it only gives basic controls, you may want to go for something that gives you more than just the VLC Remco. If that is where you are stuck, then there is VLC Remote Free to help you. You have the option of upgrading to the pro version at a cost of $4.99.

vlc remote free

Once installed, make your way to their website where you can download ‘Remote Setup Helper’. There is the setup wizard to help you in the process of installation or start up. Once you start the setup, it would be worthwhile to follow with the default values in case you do not know what to select.

vlc remote setup

After installation, click the ‘Setup VLC’ in the standard view. When done, you can add computers in the list and use your gadget as a remote. It is the free version described here. That is why not all the options will show up.

free version vlc remote

When you open a certain file, you can control the output through your iOS device. Slide bars allow you to adjust videos and volume.

using vlc remote

For low quality recordings, you can boost the sound by nearly 400%.