Useful Guide on How to Take Good Care of a Laptop Computer

As much as we love to use our laptops for work and recreation purposes, most of us are not aware of the basic facts that go into maintaining them properly. Here are some pointers that would help you take care of your laptop in a better way and would help the same function properly for a long time without crashing or getting damaged in the process.

Take Care of Laptop

How to Take Good Care of a Laptop Computer

Water Concerns

It is considered best to keep your laptop away from moisture and liquids. Avoid placing your laptop on damp surfaces and be very careful when handling liquids near the same. If your laptop is not water resistant, then even a single drop of liquid could spell doom for it. And even if your laptop is water resistant, chances are that a few drops of water can seep through and cause trouble.

Handling Concerns

Even though you can use the touchpad to operate the mouse on your laptop, it is best recommended that you use an external mouse whenever possible to avoid scratches or wear on the touch pad.

Opting for a good laptop bag would protect your laptop from damages caused by external factors like dust, rain etc., and rough handling. Choose one that comes with a protective padding inside in order to provide maximum protection.

The screen of the laptop can become fuzzy with finger prints and other marks. Using a soft cloth to wipe the screen would prevent scratches while removing these marks.

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The keyboard happens to be one of the hardest parts of a laptop to clean. It is usually very hard to remove dust or miniscule particles that might have got stuck in between the keys. And so, using a cotton bud or a handy vacuum cleaner would help you clean the keyboard effectively.

Sometimes when you close the laptop, the keys on the keyboard may come in contact with the screen, causing scratches on the same with time. In order to avoid this, it is recommended that you keep a soft cloth above the keyboard (make sure you cover all the keys) before closing the laptop. This way, the screen would remain safe from the permanent marks made by the keys.

Performance Considerations

Using your laptop in an air conditioned room would not cause it to overheat. However, if you tend to use your laptop in a normal room (without AC), there is a strong chance for the laptop to overheat. You could avert this situation though by using a mini cooler to provide the necessary cooling for your laptop.

Make sure that you switch off your laptop when you don’t use it. Laptops unlike computers, cannot run for weeks on end and need to be switched off frequently to remain functional. However, make sure that you don’t place your laptop in a bag while it is in the ‘sleep’ mode.

Minimize battery discharge by opting for optimal screen brightness, volume control and power settings. Remove USB devices from the device after using them in addition to switching off Bluetooth when you don’t need it. It also pays to operate a maximum of only two windows at a time on the device in order to maintain its proper functioning and performance.