Useful Tips To Design Attractive Business Cards

It is rightly said that “First impression is the last impression”, it applies in professional terms too. Business cards are the face of your company, it portrays what you do and how feel about your work.

Therefore, choose a business card very carefully. It can be either funky or sophisticated, depending on the nature of your business but make sure that whatever design you select it leaves a lasting impression on the client.


Imagining what you want is the first step towards getting a great business card. Of course, you may be biased by some card you saw over the internet some days back, but make sure that you personalize the design in your mind. Uniqueness should be a very important feature of your card.


Let’s not forget that a business card’s purpose is to provide information to the client. It should depict what you do, your name, contact information, company name and logo etc. However, this is not a standard guideline and you can provide the information that you feel is important. Just make sure that nothing important is missing from the card.

Card Design

The designing of the card should also be very catchy. There is a lot of competition around and you really need to stand out, it has been seen that cards with catchy designs, nice color schemes and alignment get much more attention than the simple average card.

So, now you may want to work in this direction too. But just make sure that you don’t cross the boundaries of your business or profession, for e.g. if you are a doctor, you surely cannot go with gaudy colours.

Business Description

If you deal with companies who handle a huge business then it is possible that they might not remember what your company does. Don’t get offended, but some people are so involved in so many businesses that they cannot remember company name.

Therefore, consider adding a little description about your business or profession in the card. It need not be a long line; rather you can be short and descriptive about it.

Paper Quality

We understand that budget can be a constraint for you but you will have to spend something extra on the quality of paper to be used for card.

Remember, that it is the first impression of your company and it should be a solid one. However, costly always doesn’t mean better. Look at some of the paper qualities for your card, choose the one that goes with the design you have selected.


Actually, this is the most important part of your card. You cannot really point out that which one is a better language selection as each business has its own zone where you can wander. Of course, there should be seriousness in the card language but not always. There are many cards available in market with funny quotes which catch the eye instantly. This is totally up to you that how and what you want.