Using GeekTool To Customize OS X Desktop

Many people like to customize their desktops by adding themes and wallpapers. These also help you add various features that are useful in everyday life.

Including general information like weather, temperature and wind velocity on your desktop is a good idea. In this article we will discuss the GeekTool for OS that comes handy when including various data on the desktop.

GeekTool for OS X contains plenty of features that can show you the weather outside, the music/video being played on iTunes and much more. The tool is designed for notifying static as well as dynamic information.

How To Use GeekTool

In this article we will show you how to include a clock as well as a calendar on your desktop.
First install the GeekTool. Once the application has been installed successfully, you can access it from System Preferences.

using geek tool to customize desktop

There are three options for the type of tool you would like to have on your desktop:

• File will be useful when you download geeklets.

• Image will help you receive an updated dynamic picture directly from a URL. It can be used to download the latest weather images.

Shell is used to deal mainly with terminal commands. We will discuss Shell in detail.

A word of caution: while experimenting is good, don’t get into commands that you cannot terminate (ping being an example).

The information on your desktop can be placed in any manner that suits you best and does not interfere with your workings.

placing information on desktop

How To Add Information to the Desktop

To begin with, click on a Shell and drag and drop it on the location that you want to place the information in. For example, the Override text option is useful for preparing static texts like Today is: and The time is:

The font style can be changed by using the Click here to set font & color.

geeklet settings

For the sake of simplicity we will use the default colors of black and white, and font size 45. Every section that is given in the list is a different Shell that makes use of the date command.

geek tool properties

Plenty of options are made available to the users along with the Shell command. Clicking on the date/? option under the terminal section will give you the list of all options.

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The best way to begin decking up your desktop is to first bring together all your pieces. Once the pieces are laid, you can begin arranging them in an appropriate manner. For example, in a block format one can resize the date fonts so the dates are closer to the static text.

customizing dates with geek tool

There are plenty of Geeklets that are there on the internet and can be downloaded for free. From your desktop you can run numerous different Geeklets for apps like IP info, iCal, iTunes, Weather and many more. The data for weather can be drawn from Yahoo.

using geek tool

Benefits of Geeklet

Geeklet is a simple and useful tool that is often used by computer users to include various customizations on their desktop. There are many tasks that can be accomplished using the GeekTool. The pre-made tools can also be used along with the GeekTool.