Using Xobni Free To Power up Outlook’s Search and Contacts

When we use outlook, we wish to make full use of it by adding and trying out new techniques. There are so many applications which have been launched especially for Outlook and one of them is the great Xobni. It is a great application which allows the user to enhance the efficiency of Outlook.

Anyone who installs this feature will surely give power to Outlook and will help himself/herself in making things much quicker. With the help of this tool, one can give energy to one’s contacts and searches in Outlook. So if you too wish to use the free powers of Xobni, then just keep a few simple points in mind. These points are mentioned below and they will surely help you in doing what you need to.

How to Download Xobni

The first step will be to download the application. It can be downloaded from the official site of Xobni. Downloading will be an easy step as it will not be time consuming at all. Also, make sure you shut down the Outlook that is opened in another tab. This may interrupt the downloading. downloading xobni

How to Install Xobni

Like any other application or software even this one needs to be installed in the usual way. There is nothing technical about its installation. At the time of installation end, make sure you uncheck the Product Improvement Program. This program will bother you by sharing this application with your friends and family. Hence, un-checking its box will be the best way to avoid it.

xobni installation

Open Outlook

After installation, restart your computer. After restarting, now open Outlook. Once you open it, you will see the Xobni sidebar in your Outlook. An introduction video will teach you more about this application.

xobni installation

Let’s go

While you are still exploring Xobni, it is side by side indexing your email. As soon as it is done with indexing, it will give you a “let’s go” option in order to start using it. Hence click on let’s go.

using xobni

Select Email

Now select any email you wish too and it will show all the information related to it in the sidebar.

Top of the sidebar

On the top of the sidebar, it will show contacts which are used on a daily basis. These will be in the descending order. It will rank all the contacts in accordance to their usage.

contact used on daily basis

Email sorting

All your emails will be sorted out in the form of conversations. Even the attachments will be sorted out along with the conversations.

email sorting

Search Pane

You can simply look for a particular email by simply typing its name or anything related to it. This will simply show you all the mails related to what you typed.

search pane

Hence, in this way one can simply explore the uses and powers of Xobni. It will also work great on your contacts and will give you loads of saved time. The above mentioned tips are very straightforward. If you read them carefully, then one can have a lifetime experience with Xobni. Hence, do not hesitate much and download the great Xobni today to make your outlook experience incredible.