VidzBigger, Google Chrome Extension to Improve Video Viewing on YouTube

YouTube is a great website to watch and share videos online and now you can enhance your video viewing experience on this website if you use Google Chrome.

Actually, with the integration of the Webstore, Chrome is offering several apps, extension and themes to provide you that extra edge over other browser users. VidzBigger is one such extension available at web store under the FUN category as it can help you to get rid of video viewing frustrations.

YouTube Without VidzBigger

If you are not using this extension then there might be some momentary frustrations that you have to face every now and then. For e.g. while watching a video if you come across some great comments and want to read them further then most of the time you have to lose the sight of video while scrolling down.

Also, there are other sections on the page that cannot be seen without compromising video viewing. And if you like to view videos in HD all the time then it might be very frustrating to choose that option every time.

YouTube With VidzBigger on Google Chrome

To get rid of the above problems, visit the Chrome web store and install VidzBigger extension on your Chrome. Once the extension is installed, you will instantly notice some of the changes in the YouTube page layout. The size of video is also changed; it will be a HD version.

Moreover, all the section like comments, related videos, suggestions etc will now be scrollable without affecting the placement of video on the page, i.e. video will not get affected if you scroll down for comments. Interestingly, the full screen mode will also offer these things without letting the video out of your sight.

Options Section of VidzBigger

You can customize this extension the way you want to. Access the options for VidzBigger by a link at the upper right corner of the page.

The options will provide you just enough tools to set the preferences where you can change instant layout settings, display settings, qualities, YouTube JSPI, VidzLoops, advertising, top vidz and privacy. These will provide you enough tools to personalize the extension, so every time you open a video on your browser, it is just the way you want it to be.

VidzBigger Ratings On Web store

This extension is very popular on Chrome web store as many users are enjoying the better video viewing experience through it. Chrome web store shows that currently over 1200 users have installed VidzBigger with an average rating of 4.18 out of 5.

VidzBigger is actually a very innovative thing for Chrome. It almost solves all the problems faced by Chrome users while watching videos on YouTube. And if you are thinking to get it on your Chrome then make sure that you have at least a Dual Core processor in your system. It is recommended by VidzBigger website. Moreover, if you experience any problem or glitch in extension then report it on the web store user reviews.