View Word Definitions In Google Chrome With DictionaryTip

We all require an online dictionary at some point of time while browsing the Web. So, have you used an online dictionary? If yes, how have you used it? Generally, you tend to open the online dictionary site in a new tab of your browser.

Don’t you think that this is a bit disturbing way of viewing word definitions online, as it distracts you from your actual task of focusing on content? Well, the good news is that you can now view the word definitions quickly in the same tab by using the DictionaryTip extension that is available for Chrome.

About DictionaryTip

DictionaryTip or Dictionary Tooltip enables you to view word definitions in a small window on the same page, which directly indicates no opening of a new tab.

View Word Definitions In Google Chrome

This also means that you can now focus on the page context and content as well. At present, DictionaryTip supports a myriad of sites for fetching the word definitions. So, you have more than one meaning to check.

Obtaining The DictionaryTip Extension

Just open the Chrome Web Store page in your browser and search for the extension or directly open its official page, webstore/ detail/ddhagkdkfhahblenhokndjgjohonjchl.

View Word Definitions In Google Chrome

Now, you will have to click the Add to Chrome and Install buttons for adding the extension to your toolbar that resides near the Location bar. In just a few seconds, you will see a message on the toolbar, which indicates how to use the extension.

View Word Definitions In Google Chrome

Setting The Options Of The DictionaryTip Extension To do so, just go to chrome://extensions/ and click Options in the DictionaryTip section. This will open the Options page wherein you can set the shortcut key for viewing the word definitions and other sites from where the extension can fetch the meaning of the selected word. If you change anything, do not forget to click the Save button at the end.

View Word Definitions In Google Chrome

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Using The Dictionary Tip Extension

Let us assume that you have not changed the default settings in the Options page. So now, just open the desired Web page, hover the cursor over a word to convert it into I-beam, and double-click the word to highlight it. You will now see a small DT icon below the highlighted word.

View Word Definitions In Google Chrome

Now, move your cursor over the icon to display the Popup Reference window. It is useful to know that you can move the window to the location of your choice within the browser window or can even resize it by dragging it from its bottom-right corner to suit your needs. These two actions indicate that you can customize the position and size of the window.

View Word Definitions In Google Chrome

This window displays the word definitions from different sites. You can select the desired site from the first combo box situated at its bottom to know the meaning of the word according to that site. Want to know about the synonyms or antonyms? You can view even these details by selecting thesaurus from the second combo box. This will open a page listing both synonyms and antonyms within the window along with the brief definition.

For all those who heavily rely on Internet for their academic, official, and informal tasks; this extension is certainly a worthy one to easily comprehend tough words on Web pages. For me, it improved my vocabulary. Can you share how did you benefit from the extension after using it? Well, do share it in your comments.