Watch Internet TV, Movies, and Local Content with Zinc TV

Internet has made online video entertainment reach out far and wide. Moreover, there is no scarcity of such entertainment on the web. But the question is of landing upon such videos. However, with technology by your side, it is possible to bring together your favorite movies, the Internet TV and of course, your local content with the Zinc TV.

Zinc TV can easily run on Windows as well as on Mac. Having a Firefox extension is also enough to launch it. However, yet it is not supported by Linux. Secondly, the right of entry to the content may also be limited according to your geographical settings.

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Get Started

The first step towards starting is registering yourself and creating your account with the Zinc TV. After registering you will need to verify your account, through the email they send you, which is a pretty normal procedure of registering a new account these days.

Once your account is validated, you will have to download and then install the Zinc TV. You can run through the installing process by accepting the defaults in each of the steps. Once done, the program will be fully installed on your machine and ready to use.

Main Menu and Navigation

On the main menu of the Zinc TV you should find various Categories, a range of sites, Featured Content and of course, the recently added items.

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You can have a Media Center remote at your disposal for navigating all the way through the Zinc TV. You can make use of a keyboard or mouse as well. Icons for “Home”, “Queue”, “Back”, “Favorites”, “Search”, “Help”, etc. are arranged to the left hand side of the screen.

Watching a Video

Sites such as NBC, Fox, Netflix and ABC, etc. are available for viewing through the Zinc TV. You can even select from the pre-loaded channels. Click on your favorite channel or show that you would like to watch. Selecting a show, for example, will present you with the presently accessible episodes of the serials.

Selecting a show throws three options in front of you. You can “Play” the episode immediately. If you do not want to watch the episode immediately, then you can either “Add to Favorites” or “Add to Queue”. If you choose to play a certain video, the Zinc TV starts working right away. The videos are played in full screen, by default.

If you select “Add to Queue”, this means you have decided to watch the show sometime later. “Add to Favorites” means you have kept the show for viewing it again and again. Of course, as the option suggests, it is your favorite.

Add your Local Media Folder

Adding your local media folder allows you to watch the videos through Zinc TV. To add the local media folder, all you have to do is select “Settings” through the “Menu” button. Now, choose “Media Folders” and choose “Add Folder” or browse through the media directory. You can add folders from your network, the USB storage devices apart from your local drives.