What Can I Do With a Broken Laptop?

When it comes to electronic devices including laptops, breakage or damage is common. Moreover, nothing in this world tends to last forever, but this is where the human intellect steps in to play a beneficial role of putting even the waste to use. So, why not make an efficient use even of a broken laptop? Isn’t that a smart way of dealing with the so-called unusable laptop?

Instead of just throwing it away and irresponsibly acting as an obstacle to the goal of green planet, you seriously can definitely think of some sensible and long lasting use of a broken laptop. This has some most encouraging benefits namely, good intellect, smartness, and saving the environment from the harmful waste. However, these are only the common benefits.

You also can get some personal benefits if you make the right and timely use of your broken laptop. So, are you ready to use your intellect effectively? In this article, you will be introduced to some usual as well as unusual ways of making some intelligent use of your broken laptop. Therefore, kindly continue reading…

Get Your Family Digitalized if You are Inventive

How about a digital picture frame that holds your family photo? If this idea seems good, then imagine your laptop screen to be just the frame and you will know what I mean. Even if the screen has cracks, you can still manage to do this.

This is a big gift that you can make yourself and please your mother who would surely love it more than your other gifts given until now. If you want to know in detail as to how to convert your broken laptop into a digital frame, PopSci.com and Repair4Laptop.org are some good online guides for you to refer.

Recoup the Reusable Parts if You are Tech Savvy

This is the quite usual option, but is the most practical one. Did you ever realize that a broken laptop does not mean a broken hard drive or optical drive? This means you can simply reuse these parts. Simply remove these parts by first unscrambling the mounting screws as well as detaching the cables.

However, beware of the cables attached to the main board directly, as wrecking it would turn your monitor futile. This option is for those users, whose laptop does not work or has slipped to fall down the stairs and you do not want to upgrade it. You can use an optical drive in a PC case of home theatre style, while a hard drive can certainly act as an external drive (see the next point).

Make Some Cash if You are on a Tight Budget

Is your laptop totally broken into pieces? If yes, then here is the cool opportunity to make some cash from it. Did you know that you could sell the different parts of the laptop such as cables, screws, LEDs, jumpers, and keyboard keys to accumulate money for buying a new laptop? Browse the eBay site to know more on how easily you can sell them.

Get Yourself Another Hard Disk or Screen for Free if You are Backup Conscious

Go for this choice when almost all the parts of your laptop are out of signal including motherboard. Just remove the hard drive and use it as a backup drive for your desktop computer on which you can store all your heavy .gif, .mp3s, and .mp4 files. The best part is that all the laptops come with SATA or IDE (typical hard drive), which you can easily remove and fit into the special case called caddy.

Well, can you guess one more benefit of doing so? Hurray! You recover all the data stored on your laptop. In case of screen, it is possible to take it away from a laptop to make it function as a second monitor. Just buy a freeware called ZoneScreen via which you can share the output of the graphics card over the network.

Get Some Exhibiting Materials if You are an Unusual Artist

If you like to make unusual things with strange materials, the parts of the laptop can truly help you. Have you heard of the LEGOLAND in California, an exhibition center where everything is made up of Lego? You can just imagine a small version of this at your home. For example, after recouping the spare parts, you can design some fun projects such as demonstrating the working of some gadgets and making some new games, and so on.

Screws, cables, cooling fan, and jumpers can really turn bring your imagination on canvas. Well, this is the option for extremely creative people. Who knows what will you come up with, which might fetch you much money later on its sale?

Get a Wireless Connection if You are a Wireless Aficionado

Did you know you could convert your laptop into a wireless bridge? Instead of using the costly wireless adaptor of Microsoft for the Xbox, just utilize the wireless connection of your laptop and make a bridge between the wired gadget and network.

For this, it is vital to connect your Xbox to laptop via an Ethernet port. To know how to do so, just visit instructables.com and browse its Play -> Xbox page.

Get the Free Repair Service if You are Laptop Conscious

Was the laptop just recently brought? Well, then look for its warranty period. If this time has not elapsed, you are entitled to get it repair from the manufacturer for free.

Rebuild the Laptop if You are Deeply Attached

For those who are not willing to sell or donate the parts of the broken laptop just out of attachment, restoring the parts and make the laptop to work again is the ideal choice. Broken screens, non-functioning keyboard, and scratched external casing are some items that you can restore.

To do so, look for a computer clone dealer in your local area, who is certified and experienced in fixing or replacing these parts. This is beneficial, as it is certainly going to cost you less than buying a new laptop.