What Is Adobe_Updater.exe And Why Is It Running?

Many people get to know of the Adobe_Updater.exe only after they come across the process when they get to the task manager. The process is also noticeable when you get the balloon popup messages in your system tray regarding the new updates (if any). Some people prefer getting rid of the Adobe_Updater.exe.

What Is Adobe_Updater.exe?


As the name suggests, the process is required when you want to update the Adobe software.

Why Should You Keep The Software?

Since not all people are aware of its existence and its uses, they want to get rid of the Adobe_Updater as they consider it unnecessary. This is far from truth. Any computer geek will tell you that you are better off keeping the process rather than deleting or disabling it. The reason is that there are plenty of websites that operate using the Adobe Flash. Besides, PDF is now a widely used format for almost all the documents that need to be downloaded from the web.

However, the past few years have seen problems in use of the formats like Flash and Reader. These problems are mainly to do with security. So, in order to protect and secure your internet browsing as well as downloading, it is important to keep the Adobe software updated at all times.

Your anti-virus software and sophisticated firewalls cannot protect your PC at all times and from all viruses. The end decision is of course yours. In order to disable your Adobe_Update.exe you will have to sign up for Adobe’s Security Notification Service. They will let you know via emails when there are any important security updates. This will help you install the updates manually for protection.

How To Delete Adobe-Updater.exe?


Go to the system tray icon and click on a dialog screen that comes on your screen. Now click on the Preferences button. This will open the dialog box.


Uncheck the “Automatically check for Adobe updates”. Click on the OK button. The dialog box will close.

If you cannot locate the tray icon then you will find it difficult to get to the preference box. You will have to go to the directory which contains the executable file.

This file can run only after the Command Line filed given under the Task Manager has been enabled. Given below are the steps that you will have to follow in order to disable the Adobe_Updater.exe.

C: Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6


Now double click the Adobe-Updater.exe file that is given in the directory.


It will open a dialog box that contains the Preference link.


Now go back to the box and uncheck it. Doing this will disable the Adobe Updater.

How To Disable Update Checking In Adobe Reader?

You can disable the Adobe Updater from the Adobe Reader as well. This will prevent the Reader from updating the software every time the application is opened. However, this will not stop the regular update checker from running.


Go to Edit and then Preferences.


Uncheck the “Check for Updates” box. This will disable the update.

A Word Of Caution: disabling the security updates can prove to be a serious hazard for your computer as it can lower the security.