What Is “Adult Content” As Per Google AdSense

Google constantly revamps its products to make them user friendly. There are many such instances where Google’s stringent policies became a buzz among bloggers and content writers. These include its crusade against content farms, plagiarism and now, more strongly against adult content on Ad Sense. Of course, since its inception, Adsense strongly condemned explicit mature content.

Debate About Mature And Adult Content

There is a constant debate over the concept of mature versus adult content and corresponding ads on Google. Now, if you closely read about adult content concept on Adsense help page, it mentions in detail about what Google considers explicit and unacceptable. As per the Adsense conditions and policies, if you feel certain content is improper for your kids to see, it is adult content and banned by Google’s Adsense.

Adsense totally condemns advertisements with adult material like nudity, ads about adult toys or obscene language. In fact, any online material that makes a person uncomfortable to browse in front of kids or colleagues is not appropriate as per Adsense policy. If the online content is not safe to view with family, Ad sense bans it.

Adsense Blocks Mature Ads

Many publishers and advertisers faced the wrath of Adsense when Google blocked their accounts due to mature content on their websites. At times, webmasters and bloggers try to attract traffic playing on the borderline of mature and adult content.

It may not be your fault but even if your guest bloggers or advertisers display improper adult ads on your blog, it can face a ban. Google strictly prohibits ads linking to external adult content websites or encouraging advertisers to serve explicit ads on your websites and pages.

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Blocking Adult Ads On Adsense

Internet is full of information-both implicit and explicit. Not allowing nudity on Adsense is a small step towards online family safety. However, there are several websites solely contain to post adult content, videos, and material that is not viable for young audience.

Webmasters and content writers often conceive Google Adsense adult content includes only pictures and pron. However, they tend to ignore the fact that lewd text also is a part of explicit content and therefore banned by Adsense.

These encompass adult keywords, erotica and adult spam. If you are using third party widgets and content, it is important to have enough control over them. Never publish such ads if you are monetizing your website or blog using your Adsense account.

Right now, Google, YouTube and few other services ban explicit content, plagiarism and content theft openly. In simple terms, they reject the content if it is not family safe. It may be a bane for advertisers and bloggers seeking higher page views and revenue.

Reading through the long set of terms and conditions can be boring. In fact, many times, people do overlook such policies and face a ban. Google adsense not only bans users from clicking on their own ads to make money but also asks them not to use explicit ads. Yet, from a citizen or parent point of view, these policies are more than welcome.