What is CCC.exe and Why Is It Running

Any computer geek will tell you about the frustration that he/she faces regarding the running of CCC.exe process in Task Manager. They would do anything to get rid of the process.

Before you disable or delete CCC.exe you must know why it has been put there. Later in the article we will also tell you how to remove it.

What is CCC.exe?

CCC is Catalyst Control Center. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a part of the ATI video driver package. Being a component of the ATI video driver, the CCC is responsible for the many features that are given in addition to the extra drivers. The CCC helps you transmogrify your screen display. It also helps you with making small settings changes in the hotkeys.


Go to Program Files – ATI Technology directory to find the CCC.exe process.
One disadvantage of the process is that it leads to chaotic arrangement of the icons in the system tray.

catalyst control center

How to Remove CCC.exe?

Start the Control Center. You will be directed to a screen.

driver screen

First Remove the Tray Icon

The icon is easily removable.

Click on Option and go to Preferences. You have the Enable System Tray Menu option under Preferences. Disenable the CCC.exe process when you find it in the menu tray.

enable system tray menu

In some driver versions, the above method of CCC.exe removal may not help. So let us look at another method that will help in complete uninstallation of CCC.exe.

How to Remove CCC.exe and the ATI Control Panel?

In some systems, simply removing CCC.exe file will not help. You will have to get rid of the ATI Control Panel as well to completely remove the process from your system.

Go to the Uninstall programs given in the Control Panel. The uninstall wizard will help you remove the process as well as the ATI Control Panel. Remember, to keep the display driver still installed while you work on removing the ATI. Now delete the ATI Catalyst Control Panel.

uninstall ccc

It is possible to reinstall the entire package if you ever wish to do so in future after uninstalling it completely.

How to Install ATI Drivers Manually?

Installing the ATI components largely depends on how you removed it in the first place. You might have to re-install the drivers first (without installing the Catalyst).

In the Device Manager option select display driver. From the drop down list that appears select the Update Driver Software option.

update driver software

The Windows use the wizard for performing an automatic search. But you also have the choice of downloading your drivers manually. Once the drivers have been downloaded, go to the file/folder where the software was uninstalled from initially.

How do I disable CCC.exe temporarily?

This is easy to do if you create a shortcut that will disable the CCC.exe when you want it.
Use the syntax – taskkill /f /im ccc.exe – for creating the shortcut.

Temporarily Kill CCC.exe

You can use the startup folder for the location of the shortcut you have just created. In case you don’t wish to get into the hassle of using syntax, you can schedule a task. Your CCC.exe process will now give updates only at the times appointed by you.