What Is dpupdchk.exe And Why Is It Running?

Many people are flustered by the re-appearance of dpupdchk.exe but cannot do much about it. There are a majority however, who do not even know the basics of the process concerned. Let us look at what dpupdchk is, what are its uses and how to disable it.

What Is dpupdchk.exe?

In case you are still wondering about the process, go to Image Name and you will come across a screen. It is this screen that we are talking about.

What is dpupdchk.exe

The dpupdchk.exe process is an update checker that works automatically for Microsoft’s IntelliPoint. Here’s how you can actually find its real function…
Vista users should right click on the process. Once the process opens, select the Open File Location.

What is dpupdchk.exe and Why Is It Running

Performing this step will open a folder for you. The folder will give you an insight of the properties of dpupdchk.exe. However, don’t expect any information in the properties dialog. This is something that Microsoft should have looked into and taken care of.

Why dpupdchk.exe is Running

If you continue to prod further you will get into the registry. Use the Process Monitor utility given in Sysinternals. This will give you name of the registry key, “Intellipoint Pro Auto Update”. This is a clear indication of the use of dpupdchk.exe.


Alternatively, if you observe the listings in the startup menu, you will find a shortcut that employs a similar icon. The task for the icon process is to Check for Updates. The shortcut or the icon will not give away the job of the process.

What is dpupdchk.exe And Why Is It Running?

The entire process is a little complicated; a complication that could have been avoided entirely by Microsoft. The result is that Microsoft has some explaining to do to all its users.

How to Remove dpupdchk.exe?

Before you attempt to remove the process entirely from your system, you must understand that it may not be such a good idea after all; there is not much that you know about the software and this may harm your computer. So don’t do it if you have any doubts.

If you have deiced on getting rid of dpupdchk.exe, there are two ways in which you can go about doing so.

Method 1

Go to the Control Panel and uninstall IntelliPoint from here. This may cause you to lose some of the functionality of your mouse.

Now put a dummy file (that has no function whatsoever to perform) in place of the dpupdchk.exe file.

What is dpupdchk.exe

Some people might wonder at the placement of the dummy file. This has been done to avoid getting errors in the mouse panel. If you delete the dpupchk.exe file you will get errors every time you open the mouse panel. The dummy file has been placed there to avoid these errors.

Method 2

Now, you will have to browse you way to C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint folder.

Give a new name to the existing dpupdchk.exe file. After naming the file, put here a dummy file that you created. It isn’t difficult to create a dummy file; however, you should learn to name it appropriately so that there aren’t any errors.