What is jusched.exe And Why Is It Running?

If you decide to explore the Task Manager, you will come across the jusched.exe. Many computer programmers aren’t aware of this process but disabling it is the right thing to do. In this article we will tell you more about jusched.exe and why is it listed in your Task Manager.

window task manager

The jusched.exe is a Java Update scheduler. This means that the application monthly checks for new updates from Java. It also means that this check is simply wasting the precious memory of your system. Hence, you can easily do without the Java Update scheduler.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Windows already has an inbuilt feature that automatically and regularly checks for updates from Java. This inbuilt feature is far better and useful than jusched.exe because the latter only checks for updates once a month and takes up too much of memory. So, disabling the process is a good way of saving your PC’s memory.

How to Disable jusched.exe?

First go to the Control Panel and open it. If you have Windows XP as the operating system then you click on the Java icon. Those with Windows Vista should click Additional Options tab. Inside the Additional Options is the Java icon. Click on the icon.

Clicking on java will open the Java Control Panel for you. Go to the Update tab and click on it. You will see “Check for Updates Automatically” option; uncheck it.

java control panel

A warning message will flash on your screen that if a hacker finds loopholes in the security system for Java, it can take up to a month for you to build back your security system.

Do not pay any heed to the message. Simply click the Never Check button that is given in the Java Control panel.

Vista users may receive another error message stating that the process will not work in sync with the Vista since it hasn’t been certified. Ignore the message.

Disabling the jusched.exe might disable the updates that take care of the problems associated with control panel. In order to solve this issue you can schedule a monthly task for updating the control panel. Use the built-in feature of Task scheduler.

And you are done!

In case you are interested in updates from Java, then here’s what you can do…

You have the option of enabling and scheduling the Java Update Check. Go to the Start menu and type task Scheduler in the search box. This will give you the task scheduler. Now click on the Create Basic Task option.

shedule java

Take prompts from the wizard regarding what date and month to pick for the update. You will be led to “Start a Program” screen.

program script

The important thing here to do is to run the juscheck.exe process in the Java software.

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Now your jusched.exe process will run only once in a month. However, you can also schedule it to run twice or thrice a month. In case there are no updates, you will receive a message stating as such.

java update

A dialog box will appear that will let you know that there have been no updates since the last time you received your update.