What is Mobsync.exe and Why Is It Running

You must have often wondered about the usefulness of Mobsync.exe especially since it seems to be running forever in the Task Manager. You would have also observed the green and yellow icons that appear in the Notification Area.
In this article we will discuss what Mobsync.exe is and whether it should be kept or disabled.

A word of caution: the Mobsync.exe process has been added for preventing the Offline Files feature; this feature is not included in the Home versions that come for Windows 7 and Vista.

Mobsync exe

What is Mobsync.exe?

As with all the .exe files, Mobsync.exe is also a process. The process was evolved by Microsoft Sync Center. The process is an important requirement of the Offline Files feature. The process works in collaboration with devices like Windows Mobile phone (that includes ActiveSync) as well as SQL Server installation. Mobsync.exe is also required if you use Internet Explorer (only in IE 6, but not in IE 7 and above versions). In Internet Explorer is the system uses the process to view internet pages when you are not connected online.

Mobsync exe

Mobsync.exe is a non-threatening process since it does not seem to use up too much memory space of your system. It is better to have it especially if you tend to work a lot offline. In case, you want to keep it from running all the time, go to Control Panel and make changes in the settings of the process. Once the changes have been made, launch Sync Center.

launch Mobsync

This will make things a lot easier for you. So, the next time you work offline, the process will get launched and you can use your Offline Files.

How to Disable Mobsync.exe?

Many people prefer turning off the process especially if they don’t tend to work Offline at all. You can disable the process from the Task Manager every time you find it running. However, this can be quite tedious, not to mention time repetitive.

  disable mobsync

How to Disable Mobsync.exe in Windows 7?

Type ‘offline files’ in the search box of your Start menu. Hit ENTER.

offline files

Under Offline Files window click the DISABLE OFFLINE FILES option. Hit OK. Now re-start the computer so that the changes you have recently made can be incorporated by your machine.

disable offline files

When you re-start the computer you will notice that the icon for Sync Center would no longer be there and the mobsync.exe file would have disappeared from the Task Manager.

How to Disable Mobsync.exe in Vista?

Open the Control Panel and choose Network and Internet option.

Disable Mobsync.exe in Vista

Go to Offline Files and click the DISABL OFFLINE FILE option under it. Hit the OK tabRestart the computer and you will find that the process has been disabled.

offline files in vista

Note: in case you are using the home versions for Windows 7 and Vista, you will find Mobsync.exe file running in Task Manager.

disable offline files

Turning off the Sync Center will disable the process from running as well. Also, if you uninstall ActiveSync (used for mobiles) then the file for Mobsync.exe will be deleted as well.