What is Moe.exe and Why is it Running

A person with even the most basic knowledge of computers must have observed the moe.exe process running in the Task Manager. The process is a notorious user of memory space as well as CPU time.

What is Moe.exe?

Though it may sound like it, but moe.exe is not a harmful virus that has infected your machine. Moe.exe is actually Mesh Operating Environment. It is the main component that is used for synchronizing the latest Windows software; the Live Sync Beta. Besides this, the process is also used for syncing the already existing Live Mesh.

moe exe

The recently evolved Live Sync uses the Mesh technology for various functions. It also requires a sturdy syncing engine for a smooth performance. The advanatage of this is that the user will find it easy to integrate folders from a PC with folders from the SkyDrive.

However, this synchronization eats into the CPU time leaving the CPU exhausted. This is the only drawback of Live Sync.

There are other processes that work together with Live Sync. These are the WLRemote Client.exe and the WLSync.exe.

What is Close Live Sync?

The job of moe.exe is to see to complete integration of the files and hence it gets activated as soon as you turn on the computer. Leaving Live Sync on the system tray is one way of saving on some useful resources. You can leave the system tray by clicking on its icon.

process explorer

You will receive automatic prompts from the system to choose Close Sync program. Selecting this program will prevent moe.exe from running. It will also disable WLSync temporarily.

Hence, you will now be in a position to make use of the Live Sync only when you want to integrate your files/folders with SkyDrive.

How to Disable Moe.exe?

The above mentioned option is the best way to disable moe.exe.

How to Prevent Moe.exe from Running Automatically?

You know that Live Sync will automatically run the process every time you start your machine. In case you have the requirement of moe.exe, the best thing to do would be to run the process when you feel the need to. This can be done simply by erasing it from startup and running it as per your requirement.

Launch msconfig

In the Start Menu, type in msconfig.exe in the search bar and do a Run. While search is being carried on, uncheck the box next to Windows Live Devices. Hit the OK tab once you are done making the changes or none of your recent settings will be saved.

system configuration

Restart the computer so that the changes can be incorporated by your computer system. However, you can even restart the computer at a later stage. In any case, Live Sync will now work only when you start it manually.

restart computer

How To Delete Live Sync And Moe.exe?

You can uninstall Live Sync if you don’t have any use for it. Select the Add/remove Programs from the Control Panel. Under the listing choose Windows Live Essentials Beta. After this, click the Uninstall/change button.

Remove Live Sync

This simple step will delete moe.exe file from your Task Manager as well as from the system.