Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Make You Faster and Smarter

Windows 7 is an absolute delight. People love it just like they loved Windows XP and if you are also using a Windows system and looking for some keyboard shortcuts to save some time, then this article is for you. However, you might be aware of some of the shortcuts but not all.

Win+ 1/2/3/4 etc and Win+Alt+1/2/3/4 etc

Look at your taskbar first; the application and software on your taskbar can be loaded with the shortcut Win+1/2/3 etc. Windows key +1 will launch the first thing on the taskbar and so on.

Therefore, to launch the things quickly, pin various application on your taskbar. Whereas, Win+Alt+1/2/3 would work just like if you were right clicking on the taskbar items respectively.

Win+ T & Win+ B

Win+ T would work just like hovering the mouse on taskbar programs. However, it may not be very alluring for many people but can work just fine for many users.

Win+ B is another keyboard which might be handy if you want to quickly navigate to the system tray. Surely, it should be vital if your mouse isn’t working.

Win +Home & Wind +Up/Down

Win +Home shortcut is helpful in minimizing all the programs running on your computer other than the one you are using, whereas Win + Up would maximize the current window that you are on and Win +Down will restore the window. This is really a great substitute to drag mouse cursor on the maximising and restore buttons.

Ctrl +Esc & Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc

Ctrl + Esc is helpful in opening the start menu, just the way Windows key does. However, this shortcut is not a replacement for Win in other shortcuts while Ctrl + Shift + Esc can open the task manager without the Ctrl+ Alt+ Del. You can choose this shortcut the Ctrl/Alt and Del keys are a little far from each other.

Other Shortcuts For Windows Explorer

Shift+ F10 & Shift+ Del

Shift + F10 can be a very handy keyboard shortcut, use it to work just the way your right click on mouse does. Moreover, you can also look for underlined letters to find out which letter to hit to perform the task, for e.g. Shift+ F 10 and then ‘m’ would rename the file and works faster than mouse.

On the other hand Shift+ Del would delete the file permanently i.e. it won’t go to the Recycle bin. Of course, you will get a prompt of Yes and No so don’t bother about accidentally deleting something.

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Ctrl+ Shift+ N & Alt+ Enter

This short is probably known, it creates a new folder in the directory. And definitely works faster than clicking right mouse and choosing new folder. Alt+ Enter provides file or folder properties which you have selected.

F2, F3, F6 and F10

Use F2 for rename and F3 for getting to the top search bar.

Pressing F6 again and again will help you in cycling between the page options and F10 would take you to the file menu.