Windows 7 Media Center Geek Guide

First time users of Windows 7 will have access to Media Center for the first time. In this article we have explained in detail the workings of Windows 7 Media Center. This feature is available only in Windows Home Premium and later offerings by Windows.

windows media center

How to Get Started with Windows Media Center in order to watch Live TV?

Before you begin using Windows Media Center, you will have to first set it up to watch live TV, to make recordings, edit and streamline videos, use Netflix and much more.

wmc tv setup

Many users get flustered at the thought of setting up live TV using the PC’s tuner card. The truth is that Windows uses simplified and easy steps to do this. It has a wizard driven interface that takes you through the entire task including finding your favorite channels for you.

watching tv on windows media centre

Once the Live TV is setup, you can start making your adjustments. For example, you can control your TV like a DVR by simply increasing the pause buffer for live TV using the registry tweak. This will take care of pausing live TV while you get up from your seat to finish some household chore or to grab a packet of chips.

Many people prefer customizing the Channel Guide. You can add TV channel logos and also include color coding within the Program Guide itself.

customizing logos

For those who prefer watching TV in Windows Media Center, a good idea is to always start the television in Live mode. This is a good way of avoiding the whole process of navigation; you can directly come to your favorites. Users also have access to many more startup customizations that can be used for setting up Movies or the Music Library.

How to Watch a Streaming Video?

In case you don’t have a TV Tuner Card for your PC, you can still have free access to content from popular networks like CBS and ShowTime. Thanks to the advancements in technology, each day new content in being added to online media.

watch streaming video on wmc

This way you have unlimited access to the latest streaming content along with popular shows like Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Hawaii 5.0, etc.

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Windows Media Center is your one stop shop for everything that has to do with latest in media. So, you are also allowed access to YouTube videos. The WMC lets you watch YouTube videos without actually having to open a browser window.

wmc What’s more, you can add plenty of streaming channels using SecondRun TV as well as TunerFree MCE.

How to Use Other Video Streaming Services with WMC

If Windows 7 Media Center is also being used as HTPC then you will have to combine it with streaming services like Boxee or Hulu.


How to Record & Edit TV on Windows Media Center?

The best known feature of Media Center is that it lets you use your PC as a DVR. This enables you to record live TV. This is a simple process and can be done by tapping on the record button.

record and edit tv on wmc

There are other buttons as well that let you schedule recording of a live broadcast.

remotely schedule and stream recorded TV

The Windows Live Movie Maker can be used for changing the settings of your TV recordingsAdded features like Remote Potato help remote scheduling and streaming of a recorded TV program.