How To Wirelessly Sync / Share Your Music Collection with Any Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is a great technology that allows its users to do any activity they wish to. One can do various things like making music albums, recording your own voice and even send songs. Ending songs through Bluetooth is the old way these days.


Nowadays one can simply send or share their music collection with anyone with the help of a few simple steps. It is not at all complicated and it can be done by any mobile user. One simply has to learn about a few basic steps and they will be sorted.

Subsonic Installation

What is subsonic? Well, it is the main key to sharing your music collection with any mobile handset. It is the replacement to the lengthy Bluetooth method. When you have this software on the phone, you will be automatically able to do anything with your music collection. It is java operated software and it works on almost every device. The company made it especially for sharing MP3 things and others. Hence, in the first step, the user will be required to install it. Simply visit the website and install it on your handset.

After Installation

After you are done with installation, visit the link Over here a window will open that will simply contain a username and password area.

Install Subsonic

Below that the temporary username and password will be given. So simply fill it in.

Change Password

As soon as you log in, a new window with a password changing link will open.

change password

It will ask you to change the password. Go ahead with that and insert any password of your choice.

new password


Now visit the main page and look at all the options given. Amongst them on the top bar you will see a settings option. Click on this and move ahead.

Music Folders

Click on the music folders option and add the folder that you already have.

music folder

Do not forget to save it before you leave.

New User

Now click on the users tab. It will allow you to add the people whom you wish to share the music album with.

  new user

A username and password will also be inserted by you. One can also select the maximum bit rate speed.

Network Choices

Select from the variety of network options given to you. You can select any one of them depending upon the phone network that you have.

Network Choices

It will make it very easy for you to wirelessly share your music collection with other mobile users. Again, do not forget to save what you selected.

Control Panel

This is the last step in this procedure. Select the subsonic control panel and change the settings of the network port.

Control Panel

One can put the code of their area. Save it and you are ready to go.

Control Panel

Above mentioned steps will make it very easy for anyone to do the work in seconds. Simply follow what has been mentioned and you will be sorted. It barely takes a minute to do this procedure. Hence, do not hesitate while going ahead. You can easily share any music collection with anyone.