WordPress Cache Plugins To Speed Up Website

Blogging has become a very common thing today. As a blogger if you are using WordPress to write your blogs and your blog is drawing heavy traffic.

Then there is a very good chance that your server is crashing often because of heavy load. To increase the speed of your Website you can install Cache plugins on WordPress. By adding these plugins, the pages are stored in the form of plain html in the cache and whenever user requests for the page it is immediately displayed. Let’s have a look at the various plugins available to increase efficiency of your site.

WP Super Cache produces static html files and is excellent for your site. Once the html version of the page is processed and stored then the Cache will serve with this html page instead of the heavy PHP scripted or other scripted page.

If your Web Server is under powerful and there is still a heavy traffic to handle for your site, then WP Super Cache works great in this situation. This plugin also has the ability to cache certain other WordPress plugins.

To cache database queries on MySql, use DB Reloaded plugin. This plugin caches the database queries and stores them which make the response of the same query to be swift next time. A latest version of this plugin called DB Reloaded fix has also come in the market.

To have caching of almost all things in one plugin, you can go for W3 Total Cache plugin. This plugin can cache everything right from browser, page, object, database, and content delivery network support.

To enable caching in mobile devices and 404 – error page caching and many more features Hyper Cache Extended can be used. This plugin has a satisfied user feedback and the creator of the plugin encourages feedback on the plugin with support too.

To cache the output of the widgets of your site WP Widget Cache is excellent. This plugin reduces the SQL query hits to your database and helps in fast response of the outputs. This plugin can be installed in addition to W3 Super Cache.

Quick Cache is one very interesting plugin that takes a real time snap – shot of every page, post and all the other details and saves it into the cache. This helps in referencing the page later with all those earlier details to reduce the processing time and increasing the speed of your site.

If you want to control which parts of the page should be and not be cached on a site then opting for WP File Cache is the right thing. This plugin caches only some portions of the page instead of the entire page. This plugin is used for the static parts of the page, which remain static throughout.

This plugin is obviously practical in case of sites and pages on which frequent update of information is done and the traffic is quite high on these sites too.

To increase the speed of your site Browser Cache plugin can be also used. This plugin uses the browser cache of the user who has visited the site before, instead of the host browser cache. This makes the site to appear and work faster.