Writing Income Generating Web Articles Made Easy

You can generate income by writing web articles in two ways. Firstly, you’re successfully able to attract traffic to your website because of the content your article contains. Secondly, visitors buy products that you offer on your website or click on ads that appear along with the articles. If you don’t have a website, you may also generate income by publishing your articles on other websites such as HubPages. There are several other ways of generating income by writing articles. However, the earning potential increases greatly if you know the difference between writing just any web article and an article that has a tremendous potential of income generation. Here are the steps.

Know What People Want To Read Online

Knowing what people want to read online is the first step towards writing income generating articles. Whether you are a writer or blogger, if you are not looking to write about those things or topics that people are searching or looking to read online, then you are in the wrong business.

However, those who want to get their work seen must find out ways to learn what people want to read. Google Trends is a great tool to find out the same. It helps you view what people are looking to read on the Internet.

Write Quality Content

You must have heard this multiple times but it is a very important step towards writing income generating web articles. There is no doubt that content plays a major role in success of a website. By writing and posting quality content on your blog or website, you will be able to develop a loyal readership. Moreover, some readers like to come back and visit your site again if they find the content on your blog or website to be useful.

Write Original Content

There are so many websites with so many articles, that finding a topic that is unique is almost impossible. However, something which is very much possible is writing a unique content.

How much ever information about the same topic is available on the Internet, if your content is unique and useful, it’ll get noticed as well as appreciated. In fact, if your content is unique, you will be able to develop a good reputation and attract more readers.

Style & Flow

Different writers write in different styles. In order to write income generating web articles, it is very important that you first develop and create your own style rather than copying anyone else’s style of writing. Just by writing your own style, you will be able to add uniqueness to your content and make your article stand out. Try to make your articles more interactive so that users can relate better to it.

Also need to work on the flow of your article. A single article essentially has many aspects. While reading your article, a reader must not feel as if you have moved from one aspect of the article to the other abruptly. There should be a connection between different sub-topics and the whole article should be easy to understand.

Another thing you need to work on is to make sure that the content of your article does not move away from the main topic. The entire content of your article should revolve around the topic you have chosen. If you move too much away from content, the reader may become frustrated on not finding the desired information.

Always remember that the article should be easy to understand. You must write in paragraphs as well as in points, wherever necessary.

Be Ready For Criticism

In case someone leaves a comment on your article that you were not expecting, don’t get surprised. Use the criticism as a tool for writing even better.

Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

Writing quality article is undoubtedly very important to generate income but equally important is optimizing your content for search engines. You must find out keywords related to your article and include them in the content.

For example, if your writing an article on acne, there can be a number of associated keywords like acne cream, acne treatment, acne home remedies, acne over-the-counter and more. Using these keywords will make your articles even more recognizable by search engines.

Promote Your Articles Online

Write some articles for article directories and put your links in the resource box along with some explanatory text about your website or blog. If readers coming across these articles like your content and information you have shared is of some value to them, they will definitely use the link provided in the resource box to visit your website.

You may also post your articles in HubPages and similar websites. Posting articles in these websites allow you to place your ads along, which become an additional means of generating income.

You may also choose to promote your website by writing press releases and posting them in associated websites. Additional ways of promoting your articles is by commenting on website forums, submitting your articles to social media websites and tagging your articles with websites like StumbleUpon.

Use Font Styling Appropriately

Font styling is another important aspect of writing income generating web articles. Do not choose a font that is difficult to understand or read. Font style, font size and font color should be chosen keeping in mind that the text remains easily readable. In case you want to highlight some content within your article, you can use bold/italic to emphasize.

Title Of The Article

The title of your article should convey the essence of your article. Don’t make the article title too lengthy or too small. Just make them appropriate and to the point.

Pay Attention To Your Google Ads

Ad Sense allows customization of their ads. This means you can make the ads match your blog’s or website’s look. You must always remember that readers who read your articles will be interested in only those ads which are related to the topic of article. Make sure you’re not writing only to accommodate ads in your website. Your motto should be to cater valuable and useful content.